Our company was founded in 2014 by Dennis Lehar who saw the need to provide quality disaster preparedness equipment. We began attending gun shows, trade shows, adventure shows and outdoor shows to meet with people and offer products such as long term storage foods, knives, backpacks and other outdoor and disaster preparedness items. We also began teaching a basic ammunition reloading course and a rifle optics course for firearms enthusiasts. When speaking with clients at various shows and students in our courses, we realized that there is a serious lack of help and direction for beginning preppers. It was  at this time the concept for the Basic Disaster Preparedness Course was born. 

Trade shows, gun shows and adventure shows were the beginnings for Patriot Supply. We traveled across Alberta and British Columbia to meet with people and listen to their concerns of possible future disasters 

Basic ammunition reloading course and optics course administered by Patriot Supply still draw students from all corners of Alberta. Small classes and plenty of hands on instruction guarantee outstanding results.

The disaster that shook alberta

We have seen our fare share of disasters but none so devastating as the Fort McMurray fires in 2016. On May 1, a wildfire began southwest of the city and three days later, swept through the community, forcing the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta’s history, with upwards of 88,000 people forced from their homes. The fire spread too fast for many people to even think about preparations. Many jumped in to their vehicles and headed south on Highway 63. Soon, many vehicles began to run out of fuel and people were left stranded on the side of the road… They did not see it coming…they were not prepared.

 Our Disaster Preparedness Course officially launched May 1st… Not quite soon enough to make a difference…

The fire spread so fast that Fort Mcmurray residents had to drive through it to get to safety. When speaking to firefighters and residents we always got the same statement..."We've seen hell"
As a pilot, hunter, avid outdoorsman and a soldier, Dennis clearly understands the value of sound preparation
The Balkan wars were considered the bloodiest conflict in Europe since the Second World War. Here , a woman is walking past a knocked out tank.
Canadian troops filling sandbags which will be used to build dikes for flood control. (Government of Manitoba)


Dennis Lehar was born in Eastern Europe during the height of the Cold War. Growing up in a town occupied by the Soviet Army left deep impressions on him as a young boy. He watched and observed…how the soldiers acted, trained and lived. This early “education” would serve him well later on in life. At the age of twelve, Dennis escaped the communist block with his parents and younger brother. This journey included living homeless in the streets of foreign cities and a stay at a dirty, overcrowded refugee camp. It was at the camp that Dennis first realized that even though he received basic help, it came at a price…where one ate, slept, whom he associated with…nothing was his choice. Everything became dictated by someone.

At the age of seventeen, Dennis joined the Canadian Army. While deployed in the Balkan wars he vividly re lived his time as a political refugee when he witnessed hundreds of people needlessly suffer as a result of an armed conflict. People were caught off guard in a war they didn’t understand. They began to rely on international humanitarian organizations which, often times, couldn’t reach those who needed help the most. Many people suffered needlessly simply because they didn’t believe that something this terrible could happen to them and therefore didn’t take necessary steps to ensure the safety of their families. 

During the Manitoba floods in 1997 a very similar scenario, although with a significantly reduced loss of life, replayed before Dennis’ eyes once again. Many residents of Manitoba traded their personal freedom and power for safety.  Hundreds were ordered to evacuate to uncertain place and uncertain future. Ten years after the flood, the CBC reported that many of the  evacuated were actually experienced flood fighters, living in the Red River flood plains for generations. The evacuation order, the scope of which was found to be unnecessary, caused significantly higher costs since home owners were not on site to protect their own property. This move clearly demonstrates that not all government action or order may serve us. 

After his military service, Dennis spent many years working in the Alberta oilfields as well as firearms sales in Edmonton. Working in remote locations, far in the untamed Canadian wilderness, gave Dennis another chance to practice disaster preparedness. In 2011, he lost his wife and partner to cancer,  which left him homeless and alone. As tragic and painful as this event was, it only reinforced his firm belief in independence and preparedness. This time of his life taught him that disaster doesn’t only mean collapse of a nation, wildfire or a nuclear holocaust. Disasters can come from a direction one never expects… 

As a pilot, hunter, avid outdoorsman and a soldier, Dennis clearly understands the value of sound preparation. Weather it’s a civil war, flood, wildfire or the possibility of collapsed economy, there are those of us who wish to accept responsibility for our selves and our families. We understand that there is no greater service to our communities than to be prepared to deal with disaster, so that first responders can focus on those who cannot help themselves. Today, the earth is experiencing significantly higher rates of earthquakes, floods, wildfires and economic catastrophes than even fifteen years ago. When disasters strike, they strike fast, hard, and leave a trail of destruction behind. This is why we must have a back up plan and we are here to help you build one. At Patriot Supply we understand that preparedness means strength. Strong individuals make strong families and strong families make a strong nation. Join us…be strong – be independent – be a patriot.




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