In recent months, the Alberta separation movement has picked up speed and rightfully so. The Canadian federal government has been siphoning endless amounts of transfer payments out of Alberta for decades with very little benefits coming back and at the same time hurting the Alberta economy every step of the way. Today Albertans feel betrayed by the rest of Canada and things are getting worse.

The Alberta separation movement began in the 1930’s and from the start it was labeled as a “fringe” movement of the uneducated by the media. In 2018, the movement has gained significant momentum and many Albertans are beginning to wonder and dream about what it might be like to have a new nation. Today, the mainstream media no longer ridicules this movement. It is calling it racist, redneck and even fascist, which are angry words possibly indicating fear…

There appear to be countless reasons to separate and reasons to stay in the dominion seem to be vanishing like a trailer park in a tornado.



In 1995 Quebec hat its referendum weather to leave Canada or stay. The victory went to the “No to separation” side but only by a small margin. Canada remained united but what went on behind the scenes is something that many Albertans need to remember.

First of all the then prime minister of Canada Jean Chretien had decided that he was not going to recognize Quebec’s vote in the event of a “YES” victory. There are reports of Quebecois troops training in riot control far from Quebec in places like now defunct Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack BC. This training began months prior to the vote and was designed as a measure to stop any attempts by the winning YES side to move ahead with independence. This archived article from Vigile Quebec (Scroll down to number 8) demonstrates a significantly darker plan however. This plan was apparently pre conceived and put into place at the highest levels courtesy of the Liberal party of Canada.

Saskatchewan government also had contingency plans. Had Quebec won their freedom, the then prime minister would have followed suit and ran a referendum for his province as well.  Face of Canada would have been changed forever.



Everyone is very much aware of Alberta’s contribution to the federation and herein lies the problem. Will the federal government, regardless of which party is in power, allow Alberta to secede even if Alberta votes in favor of independence?  Every Albertan needs to consider how much corruption the federal government is willing to embrace to keep the province where it is.

In many Alberta municipalities the hatred of the current Canadian leadership is in the open. From digital billboards to t-shirts to paint jobs on vehicles that depict curse words paired up with the Prime Ministers last name illustrate serious mistrust of the leadership to say the least. This is due to the fact that from Alberta’s perspective, the leadership casts Alberta aside as insignificant and unimportant. But what will happen when $20 billion worth of transfer payments disappears? They were ready to send the Army in to keep Quebec from walking away…what will they do to Alberta?



The second and perhaps even more important question is downright scary. In relation to the first question, it might be advisable to imagine what the worst case scenario might be. That is the Federal government does what it can to make Alberta’s independence vote illegitimate. First through the deployment of negative propaganda prior to the vote, then “removing” key organizers… (After all accidents happen), then rigging the vote and finally asking the rest of the country if Alberta should leave… How will Quebec or other more populated provinces vote? Since about one-third of Canada’s Army coincidentally happens to be based in Edmonton, it wouldn’t take very much to dress the two local PPCLI battalions in riot gear to keep an eye on Alberta’s capital just in case some Albertan doesn’t agree with Liberal democracy. The Army’s loyalty might be in question as might have been the case of Quebecois troops in 1995 but the English speaking population has closer ties to the British Queen to whom all soldiers swore allegiance.

So the question is, how far are Albertans willing to go for their new nation? Are we willing to lay down our lives? And if not, do we even deserve to contemplate separation?



Canadians pride themselves on being peaceful and understanding. When push comes to shove however, the Canadian leadership will not hesitate to use force against its citizens In order to establish dominance and hide weakness. They did it in Oka in 1991 over a golf course and in Gustafsen Lake four years later, where members of the RCMP fired at men swimming in a lake away from them…  Canadians take pride in documents such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, even though there is no such thing as unalienable rights in Canada. Basic human rights such as rights to property do not exist and Canadians accept this even though throughout history the only class of people who did not have an absolute right to the fruits of their labor were slaves.

There is no question that at some point the citizen of Alberta will have to make some tough choices. But so will the citizens of every other province because that which was once Canada is gone. The diverse traditions that shaped this country are being swept away and willfully destroyed.  The rich past full of prospectors, gold miners, trappers, cowboys and pioneers who moved west on horseback with axes, shovels and rifles is made out to be wrong and racist. It is slowly replaced with safe spaces, Sharia law, foreign control and more slavery.

History has shown that it is a natural progression for every government to become a predatory entity if permitted to do so by the citizenry, and Canadians have done a terrible job of preventing this from happening. Therefore, in addition to the above questions Albertans must ask themselves how to prevent this from ever repeating if or when Alberta becomes independent…

Plans to leave Canada are being thought about and considered and therefore this is the perfect time to begin contemplating the answers to the above questions so that perhaps someday there can be a proud, beautiful, independent, free Alberta.



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  1. All very good things to question. Again the Liberals will use force to subdue the people, Justin Trudeau is no different from his Father’s ideals. Remember when he sent the military to control Quebec? Most people have forgotten about this. I don’t doubt that Justin Trudeau would do the same with extreme prejudice , against Alberta!
    I myself feel that if a call to arms was issued for our freedom to be an independent Alberta, I would answer yes with pride. Wake up Alberta and become independent!

    1. Thank you for your response… Knowing there are fellow freedom loving patriots out there is heart warming!

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