Patriot Supply is intended for people who understand the need to prepare to deal with emergencies. People who see the need to accept responsibility for their lives and on a certain level, begin to “unplug” from government help, which ultimately means control.

In order to maintain an effective level of readiness, a prepper should, at least to a degree, have a basic understanding of the current social and economic climate in his or her place of residence. That is because domestic problems can mess up someone’s day as quickly and as badly as international incidents and natural disasters. Very often, unseen domestic issues can present a “breaking point” or a small event which will send an avalanche rolling…an avalanche that everyone has been looking at for years yet no one ever saw…


Many years ago, a Spanish-American writer and philosopher George Santayana, wrote; “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” This statement, echoed by many leaders throughout history, does provide some food for thought but can also be very deceiving. That is because all records of history are written by the winners. That is by those who won the wars and therefore gained control of the means of communication. In other words, history is written by the victors and no victor will ever admit that he came about his victory through unethical means. So can we really learn from history’s lessons…? And is conceivable that, perhaps our world is not what it seems…?


Many immigrants who came to Canada in the 1980s from Eastern Europe, came because they were looking for a haven from the “Eastern Bloc”… a group of communist countries ruled by the mighty Soviet Union. For many, getting out of the “Iron Curtain” meant risking their lives and the lives of their families, but even the risk of losing their lives was worth the rewards of “Western Freedom”. Many lived under the threat of death every day. Most of the ruling communist parties at the time had a very simple policy. With a gun to the citizen’s head (oftentimes literally) the citizen was told to stay in step, do what he’s told and don’t make any trouble unless he wants to see his family taken away and his future end at a hard labor camp. People didn’t live in fear every day of their lives but everyone was very well aware of how hard they could tread. Having a few drinks in the pub and then criticizing the government, was a quick way to the camps.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and resulting end of Communist rule in Europe, many of these immigrants left Canada to return to their former homeland. In fact, some have been quoted as saying that some countries in Eastern Europe now have more freedom and greater acknowledgment of human rights than Canada. Many also agree that life in Canada today is the same as it was in Eastern Europe then…


People in Canada believe very firmly, for the most part, that they are totally free. That there is no one here standing over them with a gun, threatening them into acting and thinking in a certain way. They can do whatever they want and whenever they want and however they want. But can we…?

In Eastern Europe, the oppression was political. It was the government that controlled, guided and directed the people into whatever direction it saw fit. If one didn’t accept that direction he or she was made an outcast and locked up. So how are we similar?

Not politically but economically…when it comes to freedom that is…

The biggest worries of everyone in the west are: How will I pay for that? How will I get my kids through college? How will I make my next mortgage payment? Everyone has heard of doctors, engineers and other highly educated professionals who drive cabs, work as waitresses and even, live as homeless on the streets. Every time the elections roll around, everyone gets all excited because they think that all the bad stuff that the previous party piled up will disappear as soon as the new leader shows up. This is similar to elections of communist countries where the candidates raved about how they will change that country for the better…and that never happened just like it doesn’t happen here. (Yes Communists had “free and democratic” elections usually every five years. The candidates belonged to the same communist party but they all had different platforms.)

In communist countries everyone had money, everyone had work and everyone had a home. (It’s not as nice as it sounds…)

In the west, everyone has an opportunity. (It’s not as nice as it sounds…)

From an economic perspective, people in Canada are governed by what they can afford, how much debt they have and what the interest rates are doing in very much the same way that people of Romania were governed by what the state secret police considered illegal. In the end, both results are fruits of government decisions and inaction on the part of the people. The “package” is different, the bow on it has a brighter color but the contents stink the same.

None is going to travel outside of their country, province, or county if there is a threat to their life or if they can’t afford it.


The Western separatist movements of Quebec and western Canada are clear indicators that things are not going the way we would all like. Many western separatist organizations are adamant that the western provinces alone are responsible for the well-being of the remainder of the country.

Men and women who organize and help operate these separatist organizations more often than not, put their hearts and souls into making them work, believing that they are building a new country and a new future. Others simply want Ottawa to take notice and make changes in their favor and don’t really want to see Canada as we all know it to break up. Both are very commendable as everyone involved usually gives their all and best.

The issue with these movements is that they all “beg and “request” the federal government to even exist. This is no different from a spouse in an abusive relationship asking her partner for a permission to leave. This means that a group of people form a political party by collecting signatures and submitting all information and records to “them” using “their” rules “their” way. And for as long as those who want to change their country for the better continue to follow someone else’s rules, they will never get very far.


Actual separatist movements which have actually created new nations throughout the world have gone down a path that usually looks something like this; A group of passionate people, often times functionaries of the federal government, get together to create a new party. This body, after sufficient press releases and attention-grabbing, gives the people a chance to vote if they want to separate or stay. If the people vote for separation, a declaration of independence is produced and submitted to the federal government…essentially stating “have a nice day and goodbye”. Then the government is informed that all federal military and police units must be removed from the new nation by a certain date. If there are elements of said forces remaining past that date, it will be considered military occupation. It is usually at this point that a long, drawn out and bloody civil conflict start with arms dealers, mercenaries and behind-the-scenes financiers descending in on the new nation in hoards, immediately making a fast buck and turning the new country into an indebted entity before it even raises its new flag for the very first time. Around this time a “Provisional Government” is usually formed and it does what it can to gain international recognition, as well as motivate the citizen to go and fight for his new homeland. 

If people vote against separation, our heroes who first began the idea will most likely face ridicule, prosecution and jail time for anti-government activities. This serves them right because they should have done their homework and not just jump into a battle without first ensuring they can win.

The bottom line is that in Western Canada, conditions are still very far from being so horrible as to motivate the average Joe to actually stand behind the break up of his Country. Everyone still has enough to eat and there aren’t enough people yet living under bridges. Alfred Henry Lewis stated in 1906, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy”. And in the west, there are many more fat, juicy AAA Alberta steaks between the people and drastic change in management regardless of how many millions of dollars are being lost to transfer payments. In no way are we attempting to promote violence, but how many people are actually willing to die for their new nation? And after all, how will separation affect your savings? How will you put your kids through college…? Where is your next mortgage payment going to come from.? Will you still have free health care…?


“Ethnicity, Insurgency and civil war”, a Stanford University research paper, states that a reduction of wealth is the main cause of civil unrest. It is therefore conceivable, as all Canadians keep getting poorer, that a significant change in the way they conduct themselves is probably approaching. It is also probable that someday, the fear of consequence will be nowhere as strong as the desire for greater change. At that point, we might find ourselves on the verge of a wonderful new world… But until then, keep your bugout kit handy.

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