Legacy Food Storage


Link to Alberta Emergency Management Agency's website. An excellent place to start if you want to build your first 72 hour kit.
The title says it all. Very important and interesting read for all preppers

Manuals related to security. Please note that in Canada it is actually not legal to purchase firearms for the protection of your family or property. All manuals are for informational purposes only.

Learn how to hunt for your meat and hide your valuables during hard times

On the left a Canadian document describing how insufficient federal help might be during a major catastrophe. On the right a tool from United States to help you prepare. 

This is the English version of the official document issued to all citizens of Sweden by their government. Download it for free and see how the Swedish governments warns its population

Above are three publications addressing the potential catastrophe North Americans may be facing due to weaknesses in our electric grid. If you enjoy long, drawn out and dry government publications you are in the right place!

Legacy Food Storage
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