The Chinese government has always felt that China and Taiwan are two parts of one whole. The United States on the other hand, has always felt that China has no business in Taiwan. This issue is further complicated by American tariffs, sanctions and trade wars imposed upon China. It embarrasses the Chinese and they are getting antsy…


The Chinese military has been taking great interest in the South China Sea for many years. It is home to several disputes between China and its neighbors over who owns its many islands and reefs. Claimants want access to fishing rights, exploration of potential natural gas and crude oil deposits and control of its shipping lanes through which an estimated $5 trillion worth of trade passes through each year.

The US keeps pressing China to halt militarization of the South China Sea and recently held a news conference in Argentina where they stressed the importance of China complying. U.S. Secretary for State Mike Pompeo stated that the United States has continued concerns about China’s activities and militarization of the area. “We pressed China to live up to its past commitments in this area,” he added.

In response, Chinese Politburo member Yang Jiechi said the situation in the South China Sea was “treading towards greater stability,” but later reminded Washington that sending their warships and military aircraft near Chinese islands and reefs are actions that undermine Chinese interests.

United States, however, maintains that it will continue to send warships to the area as it was necessary to preserve access to the South China Sea for itself and others in accordance to international law.


Elements of the Chinese military have been ordered to prepare for war.


China’s President Xi Jinping ordered the Southern Theater Command, the nation’s military group that monitors the South China Sea and Taiwan, to “prepare the war”. A short report by Russia Today can be seen here.

This situation is also made more difficult due to the fact that the American Greenback is possibly on it’s “last legs” as a petrodollar. Qatar, Russia, China, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria all began trading oil in either Euros or the Chinese Yuan. That is the real reason why US troops are camped on their borders or have invaded. It is commonly understood that should Saudi Arabia make the switch, it will most likely be the end for the U.S. Dollar as the Petrodollar increasing the chances of huge default on U.S. debt.

So the United States keeps flexing its military muscle in the area.

Chinese government has also announced that is willing to do whatever it takes to preserve its territory and prevent the separation of Taiwan from mainland China although Taiwan argues they are their own separate country and independent of China.


While tensions between the US and China are already escalating, last month relations reached a new low when a Chinese ship nearly crashed into the USS Decatur. A fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Collin Koh, explained that the Chinese government is trying to stress the importance of China’s territorial claims.

Mr Koh said that it is likely intended as a signal to the US in particular and any parties that Beijing perceives to be causing provocation in the disputed waters.

Zhou Chenming, a Beijing-based analyst, added to this explanation. He said that since the United States does not recognize Beijing’s rights to artificial islands, like Mischief Reef, there will probably be more military friction between the two countries there in the near future.


If a war between China and the United States does become unpreventable, the consequences would be devastating to Canada on many levels.

The Canadian military is guaranteed to get involved because the United States, as strong and experienced as it is, will not be able to take on China. This due to the fact that it has its military tied up all over the world and China has powerful allies such as Russia and most likely North Korea.

Canadian-U.S. trade might be affected positively at first but in the long run, as the United States begins to falter due to stress in combat and dropping petrodollar, Canada will be left without its largest trading partner and more or less defenseless. This will lead to significant reduction of wealth for the average Canadian to say the least.


This issue should be monitored quite closely, since the potential danger to just about every country on the planet is significant. A conflict between China and USA would not only start a true World War but it would make the previous two look like a picnic.

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