Remember that the word Patriot does not describe someone who automatically swallows what the state crams down his throat. It is someone who remembers who he is, and therefore understands that it is he who created the state to protect his rights and as such has complete power over the state.

Unfortunately the state which is influenced by “other outside forces” needs to expand and grow in order to be able to consume more and therefore reward those who run it… It is therefore in its highest interest to get the “Patriot” to stop thinking for himself, get in line, and stop causing problems perhaps weakening the standing of the state. This is usually very easy to do. All that needs to happen is the state needs to present itself as the great protector of everyone’s rights. It will start using catch phrases such as: “don’t worry about anything, you are in good hands.” Or, “We are from the government and we are here to help!”

Getting the Patriot on board is easy for many other reasons. The state declares itself as the great savior and protector. It will provide medical care, education and protection. On top of all of it, it will “standardize” everything so that the Patriot has “nothing” to worry about because everything has been inspected, checked and standardized. That way, the Patriot can feel safe, protected and cared for. The state will then throw in some more regulation just to make sure that everyone is completely safe, like mandatory registration, mandatory licensing, mandatory limits, and mandatory safety regulations.

On top of that, the state will be right there with financial aid or states own resources such as state media (financial resources) to help those who organize some nice entertainment like sport events, and it will with all its might convince the Patriot that nothing is more Patriotic that to spend endless hours in front of the TV or in the arena screaming his head off in excitement while downing his favorite alcoholic beverage with a patriotic symbol on the container in which the beverage is sold.

Everyone has a favorite “Patriot Juice” …although this one says it is patriotic, Molson is now only a subsidiary of a US company.

It won’t take long and the patriot will stop noticing that the state is forcing his kids to learn things in the state-controlled education system that not only doesn’t prepare the kid for an actual life in the real world, it actually spoon-feeds the child information (and often drugs) which will cause depression and disease (dependence on the state).

It won’t take long and the Patriot can’t even muster enough brain power to recognize the fact that watching the news first thing in the morning with mostly negative information, contributes to his sinking into depression. The Patriot senses something isn’t right but there they are…the times for the next sports event or the greatest TV program and all his worries are gone as he starts to look forward to spending time with other Patriot friends, hollering at the television screen, stuffing their faces with pizza delivered right to their door and washing it down with their favorite patriotic beverage.

Then one day the elections take place. The Patriot rises up and goes to the ballots. He is empowered because it is up to him to “change the country”. And it is his free and democratic right that he shall exercise to keep his country free. Few months later the Patriot realizes, once again as he does every four years, that he has been lied to, or that his vote did not even count. Of course there are recorded and archived documents that tell the Patriot directly that the state actually has no legal obligation to keep election promises but in order for the Patriot to be able to read, let alone remember that sort of data he would have to focus on something else than his favorite form of entertainment and his favorite patriot drink long enough for that to sink in…and that is not likely and after all, that’s kind of complicated…let’s just talk about hockey… it’s what real patriots would do.

Laws are getting passed that violate his rights, limit his freedom of movement or enjoyment of property. The Patriot doesn’t see that in black and white however since he’s not really sure what his rights actually are. The laws that get passed which dictate, for example what the Patriot is not allowed to be afraid of, seem odd and they feel off. Taxes increase and taxes get taxed. The Patriot complains and agrees with all his buddies that something has to be done! After all…the Charter of Rights is getting violated here!

You people are schmucks…

Of course, none of the patriots have ever taken the time to actually read the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and therefore the understanding that when reading such documents must be done with a law dictionary present is completely out of their realm. So the Patriot senses that something is off and not right. Now he’s thinking to himself that perhaps he should read the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and learn more about what is going on in his country…but wait! The elections are coming up and we are going to vote that “maniac” out of office and then…but wait! There is a football game on tonight and he hasn’t even gone to the liquor store to get his Patriot Juice…!

Then one day the Patriots significant other gets ill. They end up in the emergency room and wait for three hours while she is on the floor in so much pain she is blacking out. When the doctor sees her he finds nothing wrong. She is handed a prescription for pain relief pills and ordered to get blood tests done. Due to higher than normal volume of patients needing tests done, it takes her three weeks to get in for the blood test. The Patriot is mad at the system because at tax time he paid forty per cent of his income to the state and at that price he should be getting better services. The Patriot gets home and he’s in a foul mood. He turns the news on and tosses the remote. He gets the idea to write to his Member of Parliament when something on TV catches his attention. The state run media just reported that the Canadian Health care system is voted, by an independent third party survey company (which is heavily subsidized by the state, which of course is omitted) as the third best in the world for the third year in the row and points out how lucky Canadians are because of a free health care system. Then the announcer says that the current government can no longer cut the taxes by one percent as promised on the campaign trail. In other news, Canada has sent thirty million dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine to boost efforts in her struggle for freedom against Russian aggression. (A portion of this money may or may not be spent rebuilding special operations units such as the Azov Battalion, which happens to be a unit firmly rooted in Neo-Nazi culture with swastika flags being flown along with NATO flags.) That part, of course, is also omitted…like anyone is going to look that up…

…yes that says AZOV in cyrillic on the center flag but surely the fella on the left is just waving to his grandma, and after all, the gold and blue national Ukraine colors do not prove that this is in Ukraine. Pay up people!


The Patriot is still kind of angry because forty percent of his income is a lot and the thought of that much money being spent on a system which doesn’t really serve him is hard to swallow. He doesn’t realize however that he pays every time he buys something, which means that he gives away a lot more than forty percent. On top of that the state lies and deceives (that’s what his buddy said)…and he also has the feeling that some of his rights are being violated. He thinks about what it would be like to just take everyone to the state created and appointed court, win a glorious victory and set everything straight.

And life goes on… For a while nothing new happens, no new tax hikes and no new oppressive rules…at least it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. So over the course of a few days the Patriot forgets and puts all of his focus on what really matters like his favorite teams standing in the season and in the league… The state run media advises the public on the news that it is flu season so everyone should get their free flu shot at their nearest pharmacy. “I better stop by on the way home from work” the Patriot thinks… The media, operated by the state, state which lies deceives, and steals, tells him to go get an injection full of stuff he has no clue about…what could go wrong?

The Patriot however, believes himself to be free. He is free because he can take his kids on a week-long vacation once per year. He is free because he is allowed to buy a new car. He is free because there are no troops in the streets and he can say whatever he wants. And for as long as that sort of nonsense defines freedom then this nation will remain doomed. It’s not his fault that he doesn’t understand that he has rights which the state cannot take away. That the state passes unconstitutional laws or that he has much greater power which far exceeds any “Charter of Rights”. He just doesn’t know any better since he’s been taught by state owned media and state-funded schools.

And so the state will carry on making rules and building this country based on maxims such as “Let him, who allows himself to be deceived, be deceived” simply because the Patriot will not question, will not read, will not take the time to learn… and that is his fault, and that is the majority of Patriots.

It is therefore very advisable to be prepared, to have food and water stored, to understand firearms handling and hunting. Gardening medical skills and any other tasks which will allow people to live in a self-reliant and sustainable way will be great bonuses when whatever catastrophe that this country is barreling towards begins to get close. Unless something changes in the minds of Canadians, there will be hardship ahead. That is guaranteed.

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