The world is changing…

For many decades, Canadians believed they lived in a free country with outstanding social safety nets. They believed they were free to do what they wanted providing they didn’t harm a fellow human being or endanger their property. Canadians were proud of their armed forces and respected the police who were always there to help. This peaceful scene is rapidly deteriorating.


The democratic way of doing business is becoming worn out. Canadians are beginning to understand that the politicians running this country are not obligated to keep their election promises. Every time Canadians turn around there is talk of confiscation of property and tighter rules and controls are being imposed. Today the Canadian “Free and Democratic” society even has laws that dictate what the people are not allowed to be afraid of…

Members of the Canadian “crime prevention” community start every sentence with the words “In the name of public safety”, or “Public safety is our first priority”, which are another versions of the nine scariest words in the English language; “We are from the government and we are here to help.”

The Canadian establishment is slowly pushing the public into the safest place on earth – a prison.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which has long been recognized as a Canadian cultural landmark, has turned into a heavily armed, militarized organization which will not hesitate to use deadly force…

Phrases like “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” have become words of wisdom spoken by those who have not been affected by the government’s ever tightening control. Unfortunately, those who believe in these words the most, have no idea that this sentence has been coined by Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda of Hitler’s National Socialist party of Germany during the Second World War.


The world is shrinking. Cheap Chinese products are flooding the Canadian markets. Ranging from toys to electronics, most of these “necessities” built by endless armies of slave labourers touch every aspect of Canadian life providing inexpensive things which supposedly make our lives easier but take from Canadians the ability to invent and produce local product as well as kill jobs.

Armies of foreign companies and individuals are flooding what is commonly known as Canada and they are buying up resources and real estate. Those who are not buying are receiving handouts from the federal government at the expense of today’s and tomorrow’s generations. Even the immigrants are beginning to complain that there is too many immigrants. In a couple of decades, there will be no Canadian traditions. There will only be ragged leftovers of one of the most beautiful, rich and free countries there once was.


A pathetic ruin of what was once the wealthiest province in Canada is now beginning to dream of what it might be like to be a nation of its own. Still, there are too many people who believe that voting (choosing which slave master will run their lives for the next four years) will solve their problems.

Most don’t understand that separation will present many problems and access to the ocean will be the least of them. Many actually believe that since Alberta would be landlocked it couldn’t exist…it’s almost as if none of these naysayers have never looked at the map of Europe or Africa to see how many countries there actually are that have no access to the oceans that are thriving. Many of these landlocked countries even operate their own shipping fleets from foreign ports. But that won’t stop Canadian “experts” from spewing verbal trash and attempt to scare the public with some imaginary economic boogeyman that will come if everyone doesn’t just keep their mouths shut and stay in step.


Canadians and their country are under excessive stress. Taxes are climbing, services are diminishing. Prices are rising and the value of the Canadian Dollar is dropping. The people are getting concerned while the leaders are regurgitating nonsense spoon-fed to them by their globalist masters with apparently a complete disregard for their own thought process. Their rewards must truly be juicy.

The state of this country cannot last forever in the shape that it is in. Most people are beginning to sense this. The number of people unable to make ends meet is growing. The number of people who are scared is growing. They are beginning to whisper, talk and someday soon, they will shout…


Never in the history of the planet has there ever been a governing body which voluntarily changed or gave up its power… never. Canada will be no exception. When the shouting starts the state will do everything in its power to subdue dissent. Those who speak out will be punished and paraded on national media networks as terrorists and the people will be made to feel that “some” and “few” individuals are the enemy of public order while in reality those few are the only ones the state managed to grab from a crowd of hundreds of thousands.

Most people will share the same sentiment but when the rulers convince them they are the minority they will quickly stand down. People will carry on believing lies.

Freedoms will become curtailed and tightened up in the name of public safety. New rules will be invented to “protect the innocent”. This will cause the people to be herded like cattle into prisons without them ever leaving their homes.


Many prophecies speak of the “end times” but let’s face it, the end times have been coming for some time. Today however, many Canadians are beginning to wake up and they see that the end times are not what they thought. Slowly people are preparing. They are learning that the government will not be there to help them when help is needed, and many are waking up to the fact that the government is the cause of the problems to begin with.

Natural medicine, off grid existence and disaster preparedness are becoming more and more mainstream every day and more people than ever before are becoming self-aware. Canadians are beginning to turn to long forgotten skills used by their forefathers who came to this country in a time when buffalo roamed the prairies. Canadians are starting to remember old stories told by the campfire of living off the land, growing their own food and hunting for meat. They are starting to remember how previous generations came to this land and with an axe in one hand and a rifle in the other, they build a beautiful country long before it became spoiled by the international banking parasites.

People are waking up and they are backed by pride… They are discovering their roots. They are starting to remember their warrior bloodlines and that most came from the lands of Knights Templar and Teutonic Knights.

The world is changing. As we carry on this trajectory of the history of the land commonly known as Canada, we will also change. And one day soon, we will thank the tyrannical and unlawful government of Canada for waking the warrior spirit within the people…


Before it all gets better however, it will get much worse. Countries in Europe as well as South America have shown us what could happen, even in a civilized society, when tyrannical forces are let loose. And once these forces have a grip on power and control, they won’t give it up without a fight. At the same time these forces have at their disposal all the guns, equipment and most importantly, teams of individuals who are either convinced that what they’re doing is right or so terrified for the future and welfare of their own families, that they will carry out whatever demeaning and hurtful order is given to them. Even if it means destroying the lives of their fellow men and women.

The people are beginning to understand this and they are beginning to understand that their personal independence is the key. They are beginning to ask “how can I live without tem?” rather than “what services can they provide for me?” And they are asking at the most important time…elections.

One day the controlers won’t have anyone to control because the people just left. Then, in final attempts to hold on to their power over others, they will violently spasm and try to force people into submission, not realizing that it’s over. And it has been for a long time…

Be prepared, stand ready…the world is changing…

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